March 2021

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Wild Rose Bay Properties

Newsletter for May, 2021

Hi Visitor

WRB Marina

Warm summers, friendly neighbors and kids running free!


With the snow quickly melting here at Wild Rose Bay, we are excited to publish the first newsletter of 2021!
For many Owners, Wild Rose Bay Properties (WRBP), has become their 'safe' place.  We are surrounded by wilderness, away from dense populations, and can focus on what we love most- our family. 
In preparation for the coming season, we are excited to introduce some new programs available within our area that are designed to keep our families and properties safe and protected.




FireSmart ProgramIn an effort to continually manage the risk of forest fires within our community, Council is kicking off the implementation of an initiative called the FireSmart Program.
​This program is designed to manage risk to both the community as a whole, and to each of us as individual owners.  
There is a Community Assessment planned for Saturday, April 3, 2021 at 1:00 pm (Easter long weekend).  During the assessment, there will be a thorough walk through of the community by a FireSmart representative to assess the wildfire risk to the community.  Then, a FireSmart Plan will be developed so we have a clear plan for reducing the risk of property loss in the event of a fire.

Detailed info can be found by clicking on the following link:
Additionally, this program offers free, no obligation assessments, reports, and recommendations to individual owners and can be requested by clicking on the following link:
Please note: There is no obligation to complete the assessments and any findings are for the individual Owner's informational purposes only.  The findings are not reported to any authority, including insurance companies.  
By late Spring or early Summer, we will be planning a Community Clean-Up day and hopefully a COVID-safe outdoor BBQ, both sponsored by the CSRD.  
(Note:  This is NOT intended to replace our annual Canada BBQ if one can be held.)
Council is requesting one or more volunteers to oversee the FireSmart Program for Wild Rose Bay Properties.  Any interested owners can email Council member, Gary Meehan, at:  Thank you in advance!


A special note from Barbara Dalton (SL 69), Coordinator, Wild Rose Bay Properties
Contact phone number: 250.675.5059

Welcome to all the new property owners!  We hope you grow to love our vibrant community as much as so many others do.
Our NEP program was established here almost four years ago and is intended to help individuals and our community to prepare for, and cope effectively, with a disaster.  Our NEP program is one of many throughout the Columbia Shuswap Regional District (CSRD), coached & assisted by the Shuswap Emergency Program.  Ten fine volunteers (fellow owners) and myself keep WRB residents aware of any potential or occurring disasters.  To that end, if you would like to be included in our fan out system, please contact me at the above number.  I look forward to hearing from you and further welcoming you to Wild Rose Bay!

And also......

When the weather is warm, our community AED is located on the back of the notice board at the top of the boat launch. Due to colder winter temperatures, the AED was moved to Lot 69, however on Thursday, March 11, 2021 it was moved to the home of Kathy & Rob Hadland, SL 16, until warmer overnight temperatures occur.


Bear Smart ProgramEvery year hundred of bears are destroyed in BC as a result of conflicts between people and bears. In rare instances, people are also injured or even killed as a result of these encounters.  Most of these problems begin when people allow bears to access non-natural food sources such as garbage.  
Here at WRBP, we manage this risk by moving our garbage bins outside of the community into the Upper Storage Area for the portion of the year in which bears are awake and looking for food. We have regular visits by bears in our development, but thankfully thus far, few human encounters. 

​As Owners, it's equally important that we take appropriate measures to ensure that non-natural food sources at our individual lots are managed responsibly. This program offers us the opportunity to be further educated. The Bear Smart Community Program is a voluntary, preventative conservation measure that encourages communities, businesses and individuals to work together. The goal is to address the root causes of human/bear conflicts, thereby reducing the risk to human safety and private property, as well as the number of bears that have to be destroyed each year. 
The CSRD has confirmed their support via a grant for a Bear Safe Program throughout the area, including our community. Wildsafe BC staff will now do the work needed to get a coordinator trained and in place. Until the background work is done this is in the hands of Wildsafe BC. As the next few weeks unfold more information will become available. 

Community Announcements


​It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Allen and Marg Fitzell have sold their home and will be moving out of WRBP this Spring.  Allen will be resigning from his position as the WRBP Caretaker.  On behalf of all Owners, Council wishes to thank Allen for his many years of reliable, dedicated, and skilled service to our community as our Caretaker. Council is now looking for a new Caretaker and welcomes inquiries from potential candidate(s).
​This independent contractor position entails services required on a daily, weekly and "as-required" basis, and is responsible for all care taking aspects of common property and related infrastructure to ensure that our facilities are operating in a safe and efficient manner and to ensure appropriate action is taken to remedy unfavourable situations.  Key requirements include monitoring, maintenance, and repair of physical equipment and assets including water and sewer systems, roads, and the marina.  Operations work includes managing garbage and recycling operations and some additional external contractor coordination.  Qualifications include basic plumbing, carpentry, and electrical knowledge, as well as mechanical aptitude and trouble-shooting skills.  
If you know of anyone who might be interested, please contact any Council member or email: The job description, scope of work, and contract documents will be available upon request. The position is expected to be available in May.


​Over the last few weeks we have had several inquiries in relation to what is taking place with the marking and flagging of the trees within the community. Every few years the Council hires a registered arborist to complete a tree assessment to identify any dangerous or diseased trees for the safety of the community. This seems to be in the forefront lately as we have been experiencing some pretty extreme weather events with high winds and heavy snowpack. The contracted arborist will also be assessing over-height trees on common and private properties as Council has been hearing concerns from some Owners with regards to trees impeding lake views.
This year, Council has taken the inspection a little further to include marking and mapping of the "original" evergreen with a brass tag as they have special consideration in "Schedule A" of the bylaws.
Once the arborist report is available and confirms the scheme and recommendations including the coloured flagging, Council will review it and bring forward a plan.  

COVID-19 Update 
We are looking forward to vaccinations and relaxing of Provincial restrictions in the not too distant future! Meanwhile...

Social Distancing:
1. Remember social distancing on the dock. 
2. Please refrain from touching gangway handrails if possible
3. Allow those on the gangway to clear, prior to using it
4. As of this writing, the boat launch bathroom continues to remain closed



Rental Restriction Bylaw 31 (excerpt):

(1) The rental of Strata Lots within Strata Corporation KAS 1797 is prohibited subject only to the provisions of Sections 142, 143, and 144 of the Strata Property Act.  Short-term vacation or recreational leases are deemed commercial activities and are strictly prohibited.
(2) An application made by an owner requesting permission to rent or lease a Strata lot under the provisions of Section 142 of the Act must be in writing, and may only relate to a member of the owner's family, where "family" and "family member" are defined in the Act Regulations:
​(a) A "family" or "family member" is:
       (i)  a spouse of the owner
       (ii)  a parent or child of the owner, or
       (iii)  a parent or child of the spouse of the owner

You can find all our bylaws (and much more!) at your convenience on our website, specifically, at

News on the Street 


  • The speed limit within the community is 15 km/h.  Please be cognizant of how fast you are travelling up and down the road in order to keep residents, children, and pets safe!   It is also the responsibility of each individual Owner to educate and inform their guests and contractors of the speed limits. 
  • All items in the Upper Storage Area (trailers, etc) must have the Owner's Strata Lot Number marked on them. 
  • Our Wild Rose Bay Properties private website can be accessed at:  From this secure site, Owners can access newsletters, council minutes, forms and other information related specifically to our community.  To register, please email the site administrator at:

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