August 2021

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Wild Rose Bay Properties

Newsletter for October, 2021

Hi Visitor

WRB Marina

Warm summers, friendly neighbors and kids running free!

This publication is dedicated to Our WRBP COMMUNITY SPIRIT!

There have been several work projects initiated this month to maintain common property and, as most know, our tree removal project has been underway, led by Marc LaBerge...
Speaking of Marc, lets start this 'community spirit' newsletter by introducing our new Strata Council members!    


2021/2022 Council member announcement
It is important to note that Council members are Owners here at WRBP, and volunteer their time in order to perform their assigned roles. As witnessed by the editor Heather Farra, Council members are highly dedicated and spend many hours working to improve all of our lives, in terms of the quality of our Community. This time is often spent 'behind the scenes' and is therefore not as acknowledged and publicly appreciated as it should be.
It's necessary to thank and acknowledge every single Owner that has EVER 'served' (LOL) a term on our Council. At the AGM, August 8, 2021, the floor was opened for nominations to elect the 2021/2022 Strata Council with the following outcome:
Marc LaBerge: President
Gord Cleeton: Vice President
Shirley Picard: Treasurer
Gary Meehan: Secretary
Peggy Namchuk
​Peter Rose
Brenda Fullerton

Welcome Everyone!!

Thank you to retiring members: Dan Guenette, Paul Goodgrove, and John Kloepfer for all of their time and dedication on Council. 
Council encourages any Owners that may be interested in running for Council in the future to email: stating your expression of interest.  This allows Council to arrange for you to be set up to attend Council meetings as an observer, which would be extremely beneficial to help you join in future years.  


Several improvements have been initiated, executed, and completed.  

This report of 'completion' is ENTIRELY due to the amazing members of our Community.  
Once again, WRB Owners rose to the occasion to offer their time and energy to complete the following improvements, with the corresponding project managers as noted:

  • Our lower foot paths to the beach have been resurfaced with new gravel, led by John Kloepfer, Raivo Kelder, Marc LaBerge, and Scott Gale.
  • Our compost area has been revamped to accommodate the fall debris (Marc, Raivo and Crew)
  • The area around our garbage cans has been levelled and resurfaced with fresh gravel (Raivo)..
  • Now, for the grand finale of completed projects: Tree Removal!  
There were countless volunteers.  
This was a team effort from start to finish - this photo shows just some of the many who helped.  
Over 45 residents, guests, and contractors.. it was seamless with a win-win result.  
Better views and less fire hazards. 

Not once did we run out of capable people who just wanted to do their part to move the project forward.  This was an extensive project that required almost 2 weeks, part & full days, of cutting trees, chipping branches, raking of debris, and bucking and stacking of wood.  Several Owners have expressed their gratitude to both me personally (Heather) and/or posted their thanks on our Community FaceBook page that their lake view has been improved. In some cases, its the first time Owners have HAD a view of the lake.  

Marc is also grateful to all Owners for their patience with the noise during peak vacation season.
He recognizes and thanks all the folks that were here while all this activity was taking place.  He personally appreciates their patience, and in several cases, their encouragement to get things done.  Having chainsaws and chippers running everyday for almost 2 weeks can strain most people's patience.
The Owners are grateful to Marc and Crew for making a concerted effort to improve the view of each and every lot, as much as they could, within the parameters given (ex. Original Tree preservation).  

Speaking of wood and debris... as a reminder: please, when disposing of grass, brush, yard waste and compostable materials in our green dump area in the Upper Storage area (aka Lot 1), place/throw it as far back as possible. Specifically right now on the pile that has been pushed back at the far left end of the green dump compost area.


There are a couple of locations where the larger trunks and branches from the tree removal have been stacked: FREE FOR THE TAKING.

  1. Close to both of the entrances to the community from Eagle Bay Road.
  2. At the bottom of the hill towards the end of the road near SL 23 & 24.
On Wednesday, August 25, 2021, all of the remaining firewood in the common areas and on the road allowance will be picked up and stockpiled near the entrance to the compost pile in the upper storage area.


We had an excellent turnout for the WildSafe BC presentation held on August 18th in the green space.  Thank you Barb Dalton for organizing the event and also to our resident photographer, Wendy Morley, for providing photos of the event. 


The CSRD have recently chosen an FOC downloadable App for your smartphone called "Alertable" that can be used for you to locate Emergency Notifications.
Although in the early stages of use, I would suggest that you download this App as a future accurate and reliable source of information. 
This App can be accessed for downloading at the Apple or Google stores or can be found at the CSRD website:

Community Information

  • August 20, 2021, BC's Chief Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, announced that due to the flare up in recent COVID cases within the region due to the highly contagious Delta Variant, more stringent measures are to be taken once gain. This includes a mask being mandatory in all BC businesses. To help minimize the risk of spreading this virus, and ensure that no Strata personnel feel they are being unnecessarily placed in harms way, Council feels that it is best to CLOSE THE PUBLIC WASHROOM at the boat ramp for the season earlier than normal, rather than implement additional mitigation measures.  Thank you for your patience as we seemingly enter yet another wave of this very frustrating virus.
  • Some Owners have had issues with their key not working in the padlock at the boat ramp.  To resolve the issue, the padlock has since been replaced. If you find your key is still not working, it's likely too worn. Email to have your key swapped out. 

The new liaison person between the Owners and our Caretaker, Eric, is Brenda Fullerton, Lot 100.
If you observe something that you think the Caretaker should know about, please contact Brenda at email: or text her at: 587.574.8054.  The Caretaker Liaison is who Eric takes direction from, so as to avoid him having 106 bosses! 


News on the Street 

How many of you are secretly growing pumpkins, pretending that nothing is going on with your crop?
Shall we have a contest and judging?
Heck, yes, we should!
If there are three or more entries, we will declare an official contest and provide the details to the participants. 
Contact: Heather Farra, SL 48, at:
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