October 2021

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Wild Rose Bay Properties

Newsletter for December, 2021

Hi Visitor

WRB Marina

Warm summers, friendly neighbors and kids running free!


As we say goodbye to summer and welcome fall, the marina is emptying, the trees are turning, and residents are saying farewell to each other for the year.  
Sadly, not one brave soul was willing to challenge Chico for the biggest pumpkin this year so there will not be a contest.
And his reign is extended! :-P



Local weather forecasters are predicting a winter of heavy snow and many power outages as a result of the drought being so hard on the health of trees, and the overall health of surrounding forests this last summer. (Trees fall onto the powerline anywhere along Eagle Bay Road.) In preparation for harsh weather, it's time to gas up and test back-up generators, and for those leaving for the winter, to unplug all major appliances and place surge protection on any sensitive electronics that may be damaged when the power surges.


Fall is the most important time of the year to be bear aware.
There is a much 
higher rate of Bear / Human interaction at this time of year than any other time.

As the Community becomes quiet, a wide variety of local wildlife can often be seen in the neighbourhood foraging for food.  A healthy-looking coyote was spotted a few days ago strolling down the middle of our road at dusk. We have a local black bear who has resided in the area for several years now.  He has been reported visiting various lots recently looking for extra calories.  Please ensure that all garbage is responsibly stored and disposed of in order to minimize his presence as much as possible.  For those who brave the winters here, be prepared to see more wildlife interactions than usual.  The drought caused a shortage of food for all wildlife.  The deer are looking to our gardens for extra calories, which means a higher than usual chance of having cougars and coyotes. There has been more than one occasion where a cougar has killed a deer within WRBP. Fall and winter are the best times to apply all the skills learned in our Wildlife Safety presentation this year. Be Safe!

Community Information


Volunteering is a fun and rewarding way that we can use to contribute positively to causes, charities, and committees that we support and believe in.  In our community, volunteering often improves the safety and functionality of WRBP while offering the opportunity to meet neighbours and make new friends.  If you are interested in volunteering on our Strata Council, or simply want to offer your skill set in a particular area, we have various current committees:

Building Committee: Peter Rose, Raivo Kelder
Emergency Preparedness: Barb Dalton, and many captains
Fire Suppression Committee: Gord Cleeton, Norm Price 
Tree Committee: Peggy Namchuk, Marc LaBerge, Dan Guenette
Marina Committee: Gord Cleeton, Rob Hadland, Dan Guenette, Scott Gale
​Newsletter Committee: Heather Farra, Gary Meehan
Website Committee: Laurie Venance, Gary Meehan

​We thank all existing committee and council members for their time and dedication to the improvement of WRBP.  For those interested in potentially joining Council or one of the other committees in the future, you can start by being an observer in meetings to gain an understanding of how council or a committee works.  Email your interest to our strata manager at:


Raivo Kelder has recently contributed his time and equipment to improving the road in the upper storage area.  The improvement presented some challenges with regards to how best to grade the road to manage run off.  Raivo did an excellent job levelling and resurfacing the road with fresh gravel to make it much more user friendly.  He also expanded our Grass & Yard Waste area that is accessed by taking your next left about 100m past our high-season garbage bin location.

Regraded gravel road at Upper Storage EntranceExpanded Green Dump


REMINDER: Please remember to remove all kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, etc from the storage racks on the beach by the Thanksgiving long weekend.


Schedule A (20)* has timely information as we remove our boats from the water. (Asterisks added for editorial clarity.)
An owner, tenant or occupant may store** a boat or boat trailer on a strata lot only if the owner complies with the following:
(a) the boat is covered with a factory tarp***;
(b) the boat trailer and all other vehicles are parked on the driveway of the strata lot; and
(c) no vehicle, including a boat trailer, may be parked on the paved roadway or any part of a strata lot other than the strata lot's garage or driveway
(d) this parking may ony take place between Easter and Thanksgiving weekends.

*Amendment 2009-08-25
**A boat that is being cleaned or winterized is not being "stored".
***Not covered is acceptable

You can find all our bylaws (and much more!) at your convenience on our website, specifically,  at
 https://www.wildrosebay.bc.ca/documents-wrb#66-bylaws-and-rulesLogin is required.

News on the Street 

The speed limit within the community is 15 km/hr.  15 km/hr is s-l-o-w-e-r than you think, and necessary because there are so many children of all ages on our roads.  They are not watching for traffic.  We need to be careful and take personal responsibility for their safety & well-being.  New speed bumps and signage have recently been installed to help enforce the 15 km/hr speed limit.  


A reminder that our garbage bins will be re-located down near the basketball hoop on the lower road after Thanksgiving weekend. They are monitored by our Caretaker and emptied when they are full, rather than being picked up on a regular schedule.

Notice from the Webmaster - Your Newsletter Editor is Heather Farra. We are so grateful for her talents and the hours of work and dedication she puts into each Newsletter. If you have an interest in writing or digital volunteering, there is an opportunity to become a Newsletter Assistant Editor. Simply express your interest by replying to this Newsletter email, or by contacting our strata manager at jennp@pacificquorum.com.

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